Least Reflective Object in the Known Universe

From PhysOrg: “Recent analysis on a planet dubbed TrES-2b has found that it probably absorbs 99.9 percent of the light that strikes it, more than any other known cosmic entity.” Apparently coal reflects about 5% of the light that hits it, whereas this planet reflects 0.1%; this thing reflects 50 times less light than friggin’ coal. Interestingly enough though,

TrES-2b orbits so close to its star that it is extremely hot and glows thermally — despite its “darkness,” if the planet was in Earth’s solar system it would appear 3,000 times brighter than Venus, the solar system’s brightest planet.

The astronomers responsible currently have no clue what it is about this planet’s atmosphere (and other planets’ like it) that makes it so light-absorbant. It’s probably just an evil planet – that is my educated guess. 


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