Citizen Science: Ways For You to Get Involved From Home

I said earlier that if I encountered more citizen science projects like Foldit and Planet Hunters, I’d let you know; now another one has come to my attention, but instead of just doing this on a one-off basis I figured it made more sense to look for all of them at once. Little did I know that this is actually a huge thing, and there are way more citizen science projects than I can list. 

So, new solution: I made a new page dedicated to citizen science projects. It was not a small feat. Go check it out; there’s everything from astronomy to biology to archaeology to classics (yes, seriously – there’s a project where you get to be the first to translate ancient Greek papyri – using software and not your own fluency in ancient Greek, of course), and many many projects dealing with wildlife conservation – lots o’ bird watching, and even some shark watching. And more. Just, lots and lots of stuff. 

Zooniverse has a few very popular projects, and Science For Citizens has an apparently very comprehensive database on projects large and small. I want to go on about all the magic you can do (you can play a game designing RNA, and have that RNA be synthesized in a Stanford lab to test your design!) but it’s best if you just check out the above websites or my Citizen Science page. I shall say no more.


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