Virtual Reality Training for Soldiers

Here’s an interesting article from PhysOrg about ExpeditionDI, a new virtual training environment for the U.S. military. You put on goggles and are immersed in a 3d environment, which changes accordingly as you move through it and even shoot AI opponents with a replica M4 rifle. Up to 9 soldiers at a time can be in the simulation.

From the article:

The system can be programmed to reflect the physical characteristics and abilities of the soldiers using it, including their skill with a rifle and their walking speed. It also includes two other weapons – an M4 carbine equipped with a grenade launcher and an M249 heavy machine gun.

The training scenes are provided by the government and are based on actual towns.

Now imagine video games in 20 years… concerns about exposing teens to violence will get really, really real. 

Do you think there’s any revolutionary science necessary for this kind of simulation, or is it simply a matter of handling all the data at a volume and speed that wasn’t possible before? 


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