Skynet – I mean, Urban OS – A Self-Managing City

From PhysOrg: A Portuguese company called Living PlanIT is designing a city called PlanIT Valley with one, unifying operating system running everything in the city.

For instance, in the event of a fire in an occupied building, sensors would spot the fire and then flickering lights and alarms would direct people to a safe  and an exit. At the same time, a fire station would be notified and the system would manage the  so fire engines could reach the building as quickly as possible.

In this way and others, sensors around the  could keep an eye on what’s happening and keep things running smoothly. The plan involves using sensors for monitoring everything from traffic flow, energy consumption, water use, waste processing, and the temperature of individual rooms. All these sensors would be connected to the Urban OS, enabling them to communicate with each other.

Sounds terrifying. And sounds like the ultimate target for hackers – imagine hacking an entire city? I should get cracking on my programming skills now, PlanIT Valley will be up and running in a few years.


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