Giant Spy Blimp To Hover Over Afghanistan

The U.S. Air Force has created a giant spy blimp that can watch and listen over 36 square miles of ground while floating tens of thousands of feet in the air. It’s planned to float over Afghanistan next year. Imagine seeing a giant blimp hovering over you way way in the distance, watching and listening to you? Crazy.

From Wired:


That teeny-weeny, toy-looking thing to the left? An 18-wheeler truck. The giant egg to the right? The biggest spy drone anyone has ever made…

If the thing works as planned, it’ll park itself in the air for five days at a time, at a height of 20,000 feet or more. Wide-area cameras and advanced eavesdropping gear will be able to watch (and listen) to militant suspects for miles around. Information on their location will be beamed down to U.S. forces with a laser. Like everything else in this project, that laser will be gigantic.

For now, the challenge is keeping Blue Devil close to the ground. Six massive winches are keeping the 370-foot-long, 1.4 million-cubic-foot blimp from flying away.

You wonder where all this defense spending goes. Giant blimps. 


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