GhostGuitar: A Real Air Guitar For iPads and iPhones

Via Ars Technica: I’m indulging myself a bit with this one; I’ll explain after the video. There’s an app that tracks your hands as you play air guitar, and plays notes accordingly. 

I don’t have an iPad or iPhone; the reason this is very interesting to me is because it’s how I imagined the future of computing might be. Who needs a physical keyboard or mouse when you can interact with augmented reality? There are virtual reality goggles; there could be goggles (maybe, eventually, contacts) with projections of a keyboard, screens, whatever, that you can interact with, measured by tiny cameras, say on each corner of the goggles. With small enough cameras, and computer chips (which seems very possible with the advent of quantum computing), and a good user interface, you could have a full, always-immersed computing environment that you don’t even have to carry. 

Well, a man can dream.


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