Writing Braille on a Tablet

From PhysOrg: Every summer, Stanford hosts a computer science competition at the Army High-Performance Computing Research Center, with some very bright students and mentors spending two months working on projects. One that came out this year was software for writing Braille on a tablet – a convenient alternative to very expensive Braille-writing hardware. Here’s a video briefly explaining it:

If you can’t watch the video at the moment, the software works like this: the user taps eight fingers onto the tablet, and the 8-button Braille keyboard is calibrated to those spots. Instead of the user finding the keys, the keys find the user, as they say. They can type using the virtual keys they’ve established. They can access the menu by shaking the tablet, and navigate the menu by dragging their finger across the screen. All of this has voice feedback.

This is pretty cool (man, I say that a lot, but it’s always true) and it makes the future pretty hopeful for emerging options to increase accessibility. Technology is developing at an insane pace, and we haven’t yet scratched the surface of all the possible applications.


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