The Neuroscience of Zombies

Oscillatory Thoughts and The Cognitive Axon have collaboratively put together a great series of articles on problems in the human brain that could result in the zombie behaviour seen in films. I think, besides its own interesting value, this is a pretty great way of framing educational neuroscience in a fun, “applied” way.

Even if neuroscience or zombies aren’t really your thing (but how could they not be?!), you should take a peek and see what they’ve done in these articles just to see an interesting and original approach to presenting science for the public. 

Over the last ten days we’ve laid out our vision of the Zombie Brain. To recap, we’ve shown that zombies:

1) Have an over-active aggression circuit
2) Show cerebellar dysfunction
3) Suffer from long-term memory loss due to damage to the hippocampus
4) Present with global aphasia (i.e., can’t speak, can understand language)
5) Suffer from a variant of Capgras-Delusion
6) Have impaired pain perception
7) Cannot attend to more than one thing at a time
8 ) Exhibit addictive responses to eating flesh
9) Have an insatiable appetite

Together, these symptoms and their neurological roots reveal a striking picture of the zombie brain…


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