Science Picks brings together articles on scientific discoveries and scientific thought from across the web in any and every field, summarized and explained so that you don’t need a strong scientific background to learn about a) the amazing things being discovered about us and our universe and b) how science works. You can see some of the news sites and blogs that I check on the Sources page, and opportunities for you to contribute to science from home on the Citizen Science page.

Ideally, this is a place where anyone can come for a dose of interesting news about something that they didn’t think they could find interesting. It’s not just about news for entertainment’s sake though – this blog exists because I believe it’s important for anyone and everyone to keep abreast with our rapidly changing world, and to understand how we achieve that kind of progress. 

I’d love to get your feedback – what field or discoveries do you want to hear about? What scientific concepts have been bugging you that you’d like explained? I want to learn about all of these things as much as you do, so whatever you want to hear more about is a great opportunity for me too. 

As for who I am: I’m an aspiring scientist from Canada. I have a bachelor’s in neurobiology from Harvard and I’ll be applying for PhD programs in neuroscience in the next couple years. You’ll have to forgive me, then, if I’m particularly excited to discuss things like cell biology over other fields, but I will certainly do my best to give them all their due time.  

Thanks for checking out Science Picks, and I hope you enjoy it!



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