Here’s a list of sites I hit up (or am planning to hit up) when I scavenge the web for wisdom, very roughly categorized, and always incomplete. If you think I’m missing a site you find interesting, let me know and I’ll check it out! And of course, if you have a great thirst for science you should check all of these out, and check back as I add more. 

General – Science DailyNobel IntentWired Science, Physorg, Scientific American, LiveSciencePasco Phronesis, The Weizmann Wave, Brookhaven Bits & Bytes, Cosmic Variance, Discoblog, Not Exactly Rocket Science, Science Progress, Science Not Fiction

Biology – Xcorr: Computational NeuroscienceOscillatory Thoughts: Thoughts of a Neuroscientist, erv, NeuroLogica,  Developing Intelligence, LifeLines, Medical Xpress, The Loom, The Panda’s Thumb, Catalogue of Organisms, Gene Expression

Chemistry – Chemistry World, The Sceptical Chymist

Physics – PhysNews, Uncertain Principles, physicsworld, Degrees of Freedom, Dot Physics

Psychology – You Are Not So Smart, Why We Reason, Mind Hacks, World of Psychology, Evolutionary Psychology, The Thoughtful Animal, YourMorals, Streams of Consciousness

Space – Space, Starts With a Bang, Bad Astronomy, Tom’s Astronomy Blog, Astronomy Blog, Astronomy Magazine, The Spacewriter’s Ramblings

Technology – TechNewsWorld, cnet News, Gizmodo, IEEE Spectrum

Philosophy of Science – Science-Based MedicineBad Science, The New Atlantis, The Why Files, Respectful InsolenceGreg Laden’s Blog, It’s Only a Theory, Skeptic North, The Intersection

Archeology – Middle Savagery, Northwest Coast Archaeology, Bad Archaeology, digging the dirt, Aardvarcheology, Out of Ice and Time, Archaeopop

Paleontology – Everything Dinosaur, The Dragon’s Tale, john hawks weblog, The Whirlpool of Life, Dinosaur Tracking Blog


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